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Format of Individual Files (Part 3) -- Events

Events (`events.csv`)

`events.csv` contains a history of Body IQ activities, moderate activities and sleep that were recorded by your watch. Possible event types include `bike`, `manual`, `moderate_activity`, `run`, `sleep` and `walk`.

`bike`, `run`, `walk`, are Body IQ activities which are detected and displayed on the device.

`manual` activities are the workouts created on the watch.

`moderate_activity` is an interval when the watch detected that your metabolic equivalent (MET) was greater than 3.3 and there were no other Body IQ activities that overlapped during this event.

`sleep` is a Body IQ activity. For more details on your sleep refer to the sleep related CSVs.

Field Description
`Type`   Event type; see below for values   
`Start Time (UTC)` Date and time this event started, in UTC, inclusive
`Start Time (local)` Date and time this event started, in local time, inclusive
`End Time (UTC)` Date and time this event ended, in UTC, exclusive
`End Time (local)` Date and time this event ended, in local time, exclusive
`Calories` Calories burned during this event   
`Steps` Steps taken during this event   
`Duration` Duration of this event in minutes, excluding interruptions
`Average Heart Rate` Average heart rate during the event  


Event type values:

Event Type   Description    
`bike`    Biking  
`manual`   Workout event created manually from the watch
`moderate_activity` Unclassified event of moderate or higher activity
`run` Running
`sleep` Sleeping    
`walk` Walking   


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