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Contents of your Data Export

File       Description
'anatomy-history.csv' history of physiologically relevant data (e.g. height, weight)
`bodystates`      directory of files containing general activity level over time
`bodystates/bodystates-YYYY-MM.csv`       general activity level for the given month
`day-metrics.csv`    daily aggregates of various metrics

recorded activities (bike, manual, moderate activity, run, walk) and sleep

`habits-daily.csv` habits data written out day-by-day
`habits-weekly.csv` habits data written out week-by-week
`minute-metrics`   directory of files containing per-minute sensor data
`minute-metrics/minute-metrics-YYYY-MM.csv` per-minute sensor data for the given month
`phone-workouts.csv` workouts created on phone (playground feature)
``    a file containing the same information as this support article
`sleep.csv`    statistics about the times you were asleep with the watch on

your sleep, broken out into light/deep/REM, unknown, or interruption

`sleep-toss-and-turns.csv`    times where you were tossing or turning in your sleep  
`time-zone-history.csv`     history of time zone changes


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