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Format of Individual Files (Part 2) -- Day Metrics

Day Metrics (`day-metrics.csv`)

This file contains one row of summary data for every day for which data was collected. Most of the data (e.g. activity data such as running and walking) is aggregated over the period from midnight (inclusive) to midnight (exclusive). However, there are two exceptions:

  1. Sleep data is aggregated based on sleep events that begin after 5am on the given day and before 5am on the following day. Note that the end of a sleep event may fall outside of this range and still be considered part of the given day.
  1. Resting heart rate data is calculated from your prior night's sleep. Therefore it is aggregated from sleep events beginning after 5am of the previous day to 5am of the given day.

Events that cross a border between two days are counted toward the day that they started on. For instance, if you took a walk from 11:45pm March 20 to 12:15am March 21 (e.g. crossing midnight), then the entire walk event would be recorded on March 20.

"Interruptions", as referred to below, are small and exist as part of a sleep event, not between them. For instance, an "interruption" that happens at 5:30am March 21, 2016 in a sleep that started at 1:00am the same morning will still count toward March 20, 2016, because of when the containing sleep event started.

The `bike`, `run` and `walk` related metrics do not include the time spent during interruptions of those activities. Interruptions for an activity are brief intervals between occurrences of the activity. For example if you walked 5 minutes, paused for 1 minute and then continued walking for 4 minutes the walk activity would an interruption of 1 minute and metrics aggregated for the other 9 minutes.

Field Description
`Date`     Date for the row of data. All values for this row are aggregates for this date
`Calories` Calories burned
`Steps` Steps taken
`Sleep Duration` Minutes slept
`Sleep Score` Sleep score (0-100), a sleep quality measure
`Number of Interruptions` Count of interruptions during sleep  
`Number of Toss and Turns` Count of tosses and turns during sleep
`Interruption Duration` Total time of all sleep interruptions
`Resting Heart Rate` Resting heart rate (see above)
`Bike Calories` Calories burned while biking
`Bike Duration` Time spent biking
`Run Calories` Calories burned while running
`Run Duration` Time spent running
`Run Steps`   Steps taken while running
`Walk Calories` Calories burned while walking
`Walk Duration` Time spent walking
`Walk Steps` Steps taken while walking


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