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Format of Individual Files (Part 1) -- Anatomy History, Bodystates

Anatomy History (`anatomy-history.csv`)

This file contains physiologically relevant data which is used in various algorithms (e.g. calories burned) to process your data, and is tracked over time.

Field Description
`Timestamp (UTC)` Date and time in UTC that this data became effective   
`Timestamp (local)` Date and time in local time that this data became effective
`Weight`   Your weight, in pounds  
`Height`   Your height, in inches
`Gender`   `male` or `female`
`Birthday` `YYYY-MM-DD`   

Bodystates (`bodystates/bodystates-YYYY-MM.csv`)

This file contains a history of general activity levels that we have calculated from your data.

Field Description
`Type` The activity level for this bodystate event; see below for values
`Start Time (UTC)` Date and time this event started, in UTC, inclusive  
`Start Time (local)` Date and time this event started, in local time, inclusive
`End time (UTC)` Date and time this event ended, in UTC, exclusive
`End time (local)` Date and time this event ended, in local time, exclusive
`Calories` Calories burned during this event  
`Steps` Steps taken during this event  
`Average Heart Rate` Average heart rate during the event    

Bodystate type values:

Bodystate Type Description
`off_wrist` Watch wasn't worn, though estimated calorie burn is still included
`inactive` Little to no movement. Example: sitting or sleeping
`light_activity`     Movement, but with low exertion. Example: light walking
`moderate_activity` All higher activity levels. Same as the `moderate_activity` event in `events.csv`


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