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Activity Patterns

The Activity Patterns page will let you select one metric to focus on and will lay out your results for roughly a two week period. The use of gradation helps you recognize patterns.

1. Date Selector

The Activity Pattern  page shows the data for a 13 day period, so you can use the arrows in the Date Selection bar to change to the date range you would like to view. You can also hit the small calendar icon to select a specific date. This will choose a 13 day period ending with your chosen date.

If you are not viewing the time period that includes the current date, an icon marked ‘today’ will be present on the right side of the Date Selection Bar. You can always hit the ‘today’ icon to move back a date block that ends with the current date.

The time of your most recent sync is listed on the right side of the Date Selection Bar.

2. Biometric Selector

You can use this drop down menu to select which set of biometric data you wish to view.

You may choose to view Calories, Heart Rate, Steps, Perspiration or Skin Temperature.

3. Legend

Use the legend to determine what each color shade represents in the current graph.

The measurement scale for each biometric is as follows:

Calories -- Calories burned per hour

Heart Rate -- Average Beats per hour

Steps -- Steps taken per hour

Perspiration -- Average Microsiemens per centimeter (μS/cm)

4. Dates

The Activity Patterns page shows the patterns for a 13 day period. Each day’s data is listed on one row of the graph.

5. Time

Each day is broken down by the hour, with 24 data squares for each date listed.

6. Data

Each data square represents one hour of information that your Basis has gathered from you. The color of the square will be determined by the biometric you are viewing and what your specific reading is.

Use the coloring to show overall trends and patterns that you have experienced during the entire 13 day period, or hover your mouse over a specific square to zero in on just one hour.

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