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The Insights page provides an overview of your daily progress by condensing all of Basis’ extensive data into easy to read stats and bullet points.

1. Date Selection Bar

The Insights page shows a week’s worth of data, so you can use the arrows in the Date Selection bar to select the week of Insights you are interested in viewing. You can also hit the small calendar icon next to the date range and select a specific date. This will bring up the week that includes that date.

If you are not viewing the current week, an icon marked ‘today’ will be present on the right side of the Date Selection Bar. You can always hit the ‘today’ icon to move back to the current week.

The time of your most recent sync is listed on the right side of the Date Selection Bar.

2. Daily Summary

There is a Daily Summary for each day listed on the Insights page. The Daily Summary covers three aspects of your stats: Results, Activity and Sleep.

  • Results --  In the Results section you will see a tally of how many daily targets you met, how many habit points you earned from the completed targets and your average resting heart rate (RHR) for the day.
  • Activity --  In the Activity section, the amount of steps you’ve taken, the calories you’ve burned and total amount of minutes you’ve spent being active are listed. 
  • Sleep --  The sleep section shows the data for any sleep events that began after 5am on the date you are viewing. Listed is the total amount of time you slept, what your sleep score was and how many interruptions you experienced.

Note: Basis uses a sleep window of 5am to 5am to determine which day a sleep event is credited to. This means that any sleep event that begins before 5am will be credited to the previous night, and anything after 5am will be credited to the current day.

3. Event List

The Event List shows all of the Activities, Sleep Events and Habit Targets that you completed that day.


If you would like to look at a specific activity in more detail, hover your mouse over the event and click the flag.

This will take you to the ‘Activity Details’ page for the specific event.

If you clicked on the flag for sleep you will be taken to the ‘Sleep Details’ for that day. If you clicked on the flag for a habit, you will be directed to the ‘Habit Details’ page for the week which includes the date you are viewing.

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