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Service Shutdown Information We are shutting down service for all devices and apps on December 31 2016. We have issued a safety recall for the Peak and are offering refunds for all Peak and B1 devices and accessories.

Activities, Data and API/Third Party Integration

Activities Not Tracked

Activities are detected through some complex calculations involving several of the metrics we collect, but are primarily defined based on a METs number. You can read in detail about METs on Wikipedia:

Any time we record that you are working above 3 METs, we define that period as an ‘Activity’. However, we also have to detect a certain amount of motion and because the device is wrist worn, some activities that don't have consistent arm movement for long periods of time don't register as easily.

Activities known to have trouble being detected as activity:

  • Yoga / Pilates
  • Weight lifting
  • Stationary Biking

Activities that should properly register as activity:

  • Running
  • Walking
  • Outdoor Biking
  • Team sports

A note about stationary exercise equipment:

Because the Basis band is a wrist worn device, it can only detect movement when your arms are moving. In order to receive proper recording when using a treadmill, let your arms move naturally as they would if you were running or walking outside.

Providing that the user is not holding on to the handrail, elliptical workouts may be picked up as a generic activity, or as walking/running depending on speed. We have not, however, tested on elliptical machines in house and cannot guarantee detection. 

We have listed some common issues and their solutions. If these suggestions do not resolve your particular issue, please submit a request for further assistance.

API Release and Third Party Integration

Basis will be offering an API feature in the future, but as a matter of policy we don’t divulge details about timing or feature set for any of our future developments. 

If you keep an eye on our blog, we should post there once we have more information to share:

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