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Service Shutdown Information We are shutting down service for all devices and apps on December 31 2016. We have issued a safety recall for the Peak and are offering refunds for all Peak and B1 devices and accessories.

Overview of the App


The main screen in the Basis for iOS app is called the Dashboard. From the dashboard you can see an overview of your data for the day.

Data viewable on the Dashboard:

1. Access to the Navigation Drawer:

You can open the Navigation Drawer by clicking the icon in the top left corner of your Dashboard.

2. User Pic:

Your user pic is the image that you uploaded to represent you on your Basis account. The user pic can be set via the Desktop Web Application or, alternatively, it can be changed on your iOS device by clicking on the pic and either choosing a photo from your library or taking one with your device’s camera.

3. Habit Points:

Habit points are the points that you earn from successfully reaching your habit targets. They can be used to unlock new habits. In the Basis for iOS app, your current habit point balance is shown underneath your user pic on the Dashboard.

4. Name:

The name shown on your Dashboard is the name that you have set for yourself when you created your Basis account. It can be changed in the Settings section of the Basis Website Application.

5. Last Synced Time: 

The time listed next to ‘Last Synced’ is the last time that you synced your Basis band with our servers, either through your mobile device or by using the USB Cradle with your Desktop computer.

6. User’s resting heart rate (RHR):

Your resting heart rate, or RHR, is the average amount of times your heart beats per minute while you are at rest.

7. Total Steps:

The steps reading on your Dashboard shows the amount of steps you have taken as of your most recent sync.

8. Total Calories Burned:

The calories reading on your Dashboard shows the amount of calories you have burned as of your most recent sync.

Also viewable on your Dashboard is your progress towards your Daily Habit Targets. All of the habits that you have currently selected to work on are shown on your Dashboard.

Your current progress towards meeting the habit’s daily target is shown next to each habit.

* The progress bar will slowly turn blue as you progress towards your habit’s daily target.

* The progress bar will turn green once a daily target has been met.

* A dark gray bar represents a daily target which was not met.


For a more in-depth view of your data, click on the icon in the upper left corner of your Dashboard, or any other page you are viewing in the Basis for iOS app.

This will toggle the Navigation Drawer. From the Navigation Drawer, you can select to view your ‘Habits’, ‘Insights’, ‘Sleep’ or ‘Settings’ pages.



1. Habit Icon

This is the icon that is used to represent the particular habit you are viewing. Habit icons that are orange represent ‘activity’ habits, icons that are blue represent ‘sleep’ habits and the ‘Wear It’ habit icon is green.

2. Habit Points Multiplier

The amount of points you receive for completing a habit increases each week that you meet your weekly target and decreases after each week where you do not meet your weekly target. The base amount of points awarded for meeting a habit daily target is 25, which is multiplied by a number between 1 and 5. This number is listed below on the habit icon on your habit card.

 3. Daily Target

 The daily target you have set for the habit.

4. Weekly Target

 The amount of days you must meet your daily target during the week, as determined by your previous week’s success rate. For more information on how Weekly Targets are set, please visit our article on Habits and Points.

 5. Date Being Viewed

The date the data you are viewing was recorded.

 6. Daily Target Progress

Your progress towards your daily target is displayed numerically, and in addition, the progress bar will slowly turn blue as you progress towards the target.

 7. Date Navigation Bar

Tap a date to view the habit data for that specific day. You can view the data from previous weeks by swiping to the right.

8. Edit Habit Link

Tap ‘EDIT’ to edit the habit’s daily target. Use the + and - icons to increase or decrease your daily target. Press the ‘SAVE’ button to keep the change, or ‘CANCEL’ to abort the change.


Note: Changes to daily targets do not go into effect until the Monday following the change.

Adding Habits

To add a new habit, navigate to the Dashboard and scroll to the bottom of the page to the bottom of your listed habits. The bottom habit card slot will allow you to add your next habit. Either hit the + sign to add a habit, or see how many points you have to go before a new habit card slot is unlocked.


Once you hit the + sign you will see all of the habits that are available for you to add. Select the habit that most interests you, set the daily target you would like to reach and then hit the ‘ADD’ button to add it to your currently active habits.



1. Date

The date the data you are viewing was recorded on your Basis band.

2. Quick Stats

The total amount of steps, calories and your average Resting Heart Rate (RHR) for the date you are viewing.

Note: If you are viewing the current day, these stats will be current to point of your most recent sync. If it is a historic date, these stats will be the total for the day.

3. Event List

All of your recorded activities (Walking, Running, Biking, Generic Activities and Sleep) for a particular day are shown on your Insights page. At a quick glance you can see the start time, type of event, duration and other aspects of the specific activity.

Also shown for each event is a colored circle. The size of the circle is related to the duration of the activity.


Activity Details

To view more comprehensive data about an activity, choose an event on the Insights page. This will take you to a page with more specific details.




1. Date and Sleep Event Selection

Use the arrows to scroll to the sleep date and sleep event you wish to view.

2. Sleep Score

A daily score built around your personal sleep data.

3. Sleep Duration

The start/end times for your sleep event as well as its duration.

4. Sleep  Details

In this section you can see how much of your sleep was spent in the different sleep stages (Light, Deep and REM), how many times you tossed and turned as well as how many interruptions to your sleep you experienced.

Scroll left or right to see the sleep stage you are interested in viewing. You may also click on any stat to find out more information.

5. Hypnogram

A hypnogram is a graphical representation of your sleep stages for a given sleep event. To get a better view of your hypnogram in the Basis for iOS app, rotate your iOS device 90 degrees to the left or right. This will produce a full screen view. To return to the sleep overview screen, simply return your device to a vertical position.

Further notes on viewing sleep in the Basis for iOS app:

Please be aware that you must wear your band for a full 30 minutes after waking up before you sync in order for your sleep data to be viewable. This allows your Basis band to determine that you are not experiencing a sleep interruption, but are instead, up for the day.

If you do not wait 30 minutes before syncing, you will encounter the following screen:

Alternatively, if you do not wear your Basis band to sleep at all, the following image will be displayed in your sleep details:

Lastly, Advanced Sleep Analysis was released on January 21, 2014. Dates prior to this may not show any sleep data, as it had not yet been integrated into our software.

If you view a date that predates our Advanced Sleep Analysis release, you will see the following screen:

For more information on the release of Advanced Sleep Analysis, please visit our blog posts:

Advanced Sleep Analysis is Here! and Advanced Sleep Analysis - A Product View



1. Time Zone

Toggle this option to set your Basis band to your iOS device’s zone. The time change will be reflected on your Basis band after your next mobile sync with your iOS device.

2. Email Support

Still have questions? If you have an email client set up on your iOS device, you can click the Email Support link to get in touch with Basis Customer Support.


An email will be generated that includes your iOS sync logs and a prompt for you to add more information about the issue you are experiencing. Be sure to provide as much detail as possible when reporting a problem. Specifics help the Support team troubleshoot your issue quickly and efficiently.

3. Sync Setup

Use this to pair a new Basis band with your iOS device.

4. Logout

Click to logout of the Basis for iOS app.

5. Version

This is the version of the Basis for iOS app that you are currently running.

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