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Body IQ™

What is Body IQ™?

Body IQ™ leverages Basis’ multi-sensor intelligence to automatically capture and display when you’re running, walking or biking and then ensure you get the proper calories burned for each activity.

What kind of activities does Body IQ™ detect?

Body IQ™ currently detects the following activities: walking, running and outdoor cycling.

Body IQ™ can detect walking/running on a treadmill, provided that the user refrains from holding on to the handrails and allows their arms to move naturally.

At this time, Body IQ™ is unable to track any other stationary exercise activity.

Is stationary biking / spinning / riding a recumbent bike detected by Body IQ™?

At present, stationary biking, spinning or recumbent biking is not detected by Body IQ™.

What kind of data does the Basis Band collect when I’m engaging in an activity that is not recognized by Body IQ™?

When you are engaging in an activity that is not recognized by Body IQ™, the Basis Band continues to track steps, calories burned, heart rate, perspiration rate and skin temperature.

Can I add walking / running / biking as a habit?

We have several habits that involve Body IQ™ activity detection:

Biking -- 'Let's Ride'

Running -- 'Run Club'

Walking -- 'Step It Up', 'Morning Lap', 'Afternoon Lap' and 'Evening Lap'

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