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Activity Details

On the Activity Details page, all of your data is plotted out on an easy to read graph. Choose what activities, biometrics and time periods that you wish to focus on, or select them all to get a full picture of your day.

1. Date Selector

The Activity Details  page shows the data for a calendar day, so you can use the arrows in the Date Selection bar to select the date that you would like to view. You can also hit the small calendar icon to select a date.

If you are not viewing the current date, an icon marked ‘today’ will be present on the right side of the Date Selection Bar. You can always hit the ‘today’ icon to move back to the current day.

The time of your most recent sync is listed on the right side of the Date Selection Bar.

2. Timeline Bar

The Timeline Bar allows you to zoom in on a specific period of time. The timeline defaults to showing the 24 hour period for the date you are viewing, however you can zoom out to view 30 hours of information or zoom in to focus on the stats of just a 90 minute period.

3. Biometrics



On the left side of the Activity Details page, you will see all of the biometrics available for view. Clicking on any of these metrics will populate the graph with data points in corresponding colors.

Clicking the small arrow next to the metric will show the relevant data numerically.

The default view only shows your heart rate and steps.

4. Activity


On the right side of the Activity Details page, you will see all of the activities that are viewable on the graph.

By default, all of your activities are automatically shown on the graph. To remove an activity from the graph, simply click on it. Click again, to re-add it.

5. Graph 

This is the area where all of your data is plotted out visually in graphical form.

Heart Rate, Skin Temperature and Perspiration are shown as data points which are connected in order to form a line graph.

Steps, Calories and Activities are represented through vertical bar graphs.

6. Metric Snapshot

If you hover your mouse over any point on the graph, you can see a snapshot of all of your gathered metrics for that specific minute all in one place.

7. Y-axis Selector

You can choose which biometric measuring scale is used for the graph’s y-axis.

The metric currently being used for the y-axis is represented by a small icon near the lower left corner of the graph.

If you click on the small arrow next to this icon, you can change the y-axis to a different metric’s scale.

Choose the icon corresponding to the metric you wish to use.

Icons from left to right:

Perspiration Level, Skin Temperature, Heart Rate, Steps and Calories Burned.

8. Basis Band Activity Bar

The activity bar gives a general idea of your activity level throughout the time period selected. 

As the legend indicates, time that is blue indicates sleep, light orange indicates awake and dark orange represents time during which you are active.

Time during which the Basis is unable to determine your activity state are considered ‘unknown’ and are represented by the color gray.  

Several things can cause your activity state to be unknown. The most common reason unknown time will be reported is that you were not wearing your Basis band. Not wearing your band tightly enough can also be a cause, as the Basis’ sensors must be in constant contact with your skin to gather data.

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