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Main Habit Screen

Habits are what Basis developed to help users make small changes to their fitness and sleep practices in order to foster improvement in the user’s health.

For more information on Habits and Points, click here.


1. Date Selection Bar

Each habit card shows a week’s worth of data, so you can use the arrows in the Date Selection bar to select the week of habit data you are interested in viewing. You can also hit the small calendar icon next to the date range and select a specific date. This will bring up the week that includes that date.

If you are not viewing the current week, an icon marked ‘today’ will be present on the right side of the Date Selection Bar. You can always hit the ‘today’ icon to move back to the current week.

The time of your most recent sync is listed on the right side of the Date Selection Bar.

2. Habit Cards

Each habit that you have selected has its own ‘habit card’. These cards list all of the relevant information about the goals you have selected and your progress towards meeting both your daily and weekly goals.

All of your habit cards can be accessed from this page.

Habit Card Overview

1. Habit Name

The name of the habit you have chosen is listed in the top left hand corner of the habit card.

2. Habit Details

Click on the icon in the top right corner of a habit card to view the details of that habit:


On the habit details page you can read the description of the habit, see your progress, change the daily target or pause/resume the habit. All changes to habits take effect on the Sunday following the change. 

3. Daily Target

The daily target you set for the habit.

4. Weekly Target Goal

The amount of days you must meet your daily target during the week, as determined by your previous week’s success rate. For more informaiton on how Weekly Goals are set, please visit Habits and Points

5. Habit Icon

This is the icon that is used to represent the particular habit you are viewing. Habit icons that are orange represent ‘activity’ habits, icons that are blue represent ‘sleep’ habits and the ‘Wear It’ habit icon is green.

A gray habit icon indicates that the weekly target has not been met. Once it is met the icon will change to the appropriate color.


Also visible in the habit icon is the habit’s point multiplier.

The amount of points you receive for completing a habit increases each week that you meet your weekly target and decreases after weeks where you do not meet your goal. The base amount of points awarded is 25, which is multiplied by a number between 1 and 5. 

To view how many points you have received for a habit, click on the habit icon.

When you first click the habit icon and the icon flips, you will see positive numbers appear briefly above days during which you met your daily target. The total amount of points you have earned by meeting your daily target for the current week will be shown inside of the piggy bank.

6. Day Selector

Click on a day to see your habit goal progress for that specific day.

7. Habit Progress

Your progress towards your daily target. It is displayed numerically, and in addition, the progress bar will slowly fill as you progress towards the target.

Once you meet your goal for the day, both the progress bar and the day of the week will turn green. If you do not meet the goal, the day will remain gray and any progress you made towards the goal will remain red.

If you did not make any progress towards the habit at all that day, the progress bar will be empty.


Adding A Habit

The last habit card slot on the ‘My Habits’ page will allow you to add your next habit. If you have enough Habit Points banked, the following card will be displayed:


Click the ‘Select Habit’ button to choose a new habit.

If you do not currently have enough points to unlock a habit, you will see a graphic letting you know how many more points you need and what your progress towards that goal is:

If you are interested in checking out what habits are available for you to choose, click on the ‘Habit Details’ button in the upper right corner of the card:


This will let you Explore all of Basis’ Habits.

Exploring Habits


At the top of this page you will see your total amount of habit points, your progress towards unlocking your next habit, the amount of habits you are doing, the amount of habits that are currently paused and how many habits are still available for you to add.


The next sections of the page are split into ‘Activity’ and ‘Sleep’ habits, listing all of the habits that are available for you to add.


Clicking on ‘Learn More’ will take you to a description page for that habit:


Below the habits that are available for you to add, you will find the ‘Doing’ section, which shows mini habit cards for all of the habits you already have selected.


Clicking on any of the mini habit cards will take you to the ‘Habit Details’ page for that habit:


When exploring Habits, you can use these buttons to skip between the ‘Activity’, ‘Sleep’ and ‘Doing’ sections:


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