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Service Shutdown Information We are shutting down service for all devices and apps on December 31 2016. We have issued a safety recall for the Peak and are offering refunds for all Peak and B1 devices and accessories.

About the Basis Sync Desktop Client

The Basis Sync desktop client is software installed on your computer that uploads data from your Basis band to your account.

You can install Basis Sync on as many computers as you like for the purpose of uploading your data.

To download the software, visit download page.

Once you’ve opened the Basis Sync program and signed into your account, a heart icon will appear in your menu bar (Mac) or system tray (Windows) indicating that it is running:

To open the menu, click on the heart icon:


Last Synced - This shows the date and time of the last successful sync

Sync Now - This will initiate a manual sync. Please visit How to Sync for more details on syncing.

Launch Basis Website - Clicking this will take you directly to your account on the web application

Preferences - Please visit Preferences and How to Restore Your Basis Band for more details

About Basis Sync - This will show you the current version of Basis Sync you’re running

Support - Clicking this will take you directly to

Check for Update - This will automatically detect whether you’re on the latest version of Basis Sync or if you need an upgrade

Quit Basis Sync - This will close the program


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