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Changing Straps

The Basis Band comes with detachable straps so that you can customize your band to match your personal style.

To remove the Basis straps from the module: place your thumb on top of the strap and your forefinger underneath. Press up with your forefinger and twist slightly.

To replace your straps: press the strap insert into the module slot. Make sure the strap fits securely and is flush with the face of the module.

In the case of the Carbon Steel straps, what may be misleading at first is that the carbon steel hinge connectors are actually part of the strap, not part of the module. They are supposed to come off in one piece with the strap.

Below are two brief video tutorials on changing the straps on your Basis Band:


Basis with TPU Straps: 

Basis with Carbon Steel Edition Straps: 

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