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Habits & Points

posted this on October 09, 2012 10:10 AM

Habits and points are the tools that we use to help you track and accomplish your goals.

Building habits successfully means that you set reasonable goals for a given habit. You do them repeatedly throughout the week, and you don't add too many too quickly. 





  • A pattern of behavior with a specific goal that you select.
  • There are three types of Habits:
Activity Habits help you get moving.
Wear Habits encourage you to wear the Basis Band more frequently.
Sleep Habits help you get more and better sleep.

Habit Slot

  • You start with one Habit Slot. This habit slot contains the Wear habit, and can not be changed.
  • Your second Habit Slot is free and can be unlocked right away. Later Habit Slots cost points to unlock.
  • Habit Slots can hold any Habit (except for the first one).
  • If you don't like the Habits you're currently working on, the Habit for a given Slot can be exchanged.
  • Your total number of Habit Slots is limited in order to help you stay focused on your current goals so you are not overwhelmed.

Habit Daily Goal

  • The goal you personally set for a Habit.
  • Habit Daily Goals can be changed any time, but they are only updated once a week at midnight between Sunday / Monday.
  • There are three kinds of Habit Daily Goals:
Exceed Habits require you to exceed a certain value to meet the goal. (e.g. exceed 7,000 steps or 1,500 calories burned).
Not to Exceed Habits require you to avoid meeting a certain value to meet the goal. (e.g. don't remain inactive for more than 120 minutes at a time).
Range Habits require you to perform the Habit within a given range in order to meet the goal. (e.g. for a bedtime of 10:00, fall asleep between 9:45 and 10:15).


  • Momentum is a modifier on a specific Habit that is set based on how frequently you have managed to successfully meet that Habit.
  • The more Momentum you have with a Habit, the more points you earn for meeting that Habit's goals.

Weekly Goal

  • This Weekly Goal is automatically set by the system based on your previous performance.
  • Your Weekly Goal is always one higher than the number of times you completed a Habit successfully the previous week.
  • Weekly Goals help you to improve over time by raising the bar for you.


  • The points you earn when you successfully meet a Habit Daily Goal.

Bonus Points

  • The points you earn when you successfully meet a Weekly Goal.


Building life habits is easier when you add changes in small increments over time. Habits help with this by giving you defined goals that you can set yourself.

Available Habits


  • Steps Per Day - Exactly how it sounds, set your goal for total steps in one day.
  • Morning Stroll - Tracks steps between 4am and noon.
  • Afternoon Stroll - Tracks steps between noon and 5pm.
  • Evening Stroll - Tracks steps after 5pm.
  • Activity Addiction - A goal to get active for a period of time every day.
  • Get Moving - A goal to limit the amount of time you are inactive.
  • Burn More Calories - A goal to burn a set number of calories per day.
  • Your Basis Band can't help you track your goals if you don't wear it! 
  • You'll have the option to set your wearing goal for day, night, or all the time.
  • Consistent Bedtime - A goal to help you get to sleep at the same time every night. Falling asleep within 15 minutes before or after your goal counts as a success.
  • Regular Rising - A goal to help you get up at the same time every morning. Waking up within 15 minutes before or after your goal counts as a success.
  • Sleep More Hours - A goal to help you get more overall sleep.

Adding Habits


  • The lock shows that your next Habit Slot is still out of reach.
  • We limit the number of goals you can add so you don't get overwhelmed with too many new changes.
  • To unlock your next Habit Slot, work on meeting your current goals and earning points!
  • You have a maximum of 6 Habit Slots. You can change which Habits you are working on at any time.
  • Once you see this icon, a new goal is available to add!

Modifying Habits

        • Click on the Habit icon.
        • Click on the 'edit' link on the right hand side.
        • Choose your new goal value and click save.
        • Modifications are applied once a week on Sundays.

Exchanging Habits


To exchange one Habit for another in a Habit Slot:
            • Click on the Habit card to see the detailed Habit view.
            • Click the 'Pause Habit' button. This frees up the Habit Slot.
            • Go back to 'My Habits'
            • Click on your empty Habit Slot and select a new Habit.


Just as Habits help you make your goals more approachable, the Points system prevents taking on too many new challenges at once.

Icon-Target-hit.pngMeeting your goals

  • There are two different goals to meet. The goal you set for a specific Habit, and your Weekly Goal.

  • Every day when you meet a goal for a Habit, you get 25 points.

  • Your Weekly Goal starts at 2, meaning you need to meet a Habit Daily Goal twice that week to earn momentum and bonus points.

  • Your Weekly Goal is always 1 higher than the number of times you successfully completed the Habit the previous week, up to a maximum of 4.

If you successfully complete your Habit only twice in one week, the next week your Weekly Goal will be 3.

If you successfully complete your Habit every day in a week, the next week your Weekly Goal will be the maximum of 4.

You can see your Weekly Goal on the top right of the Habit card.


Icon-Target-missed.pngMissing your Goals

  • You DON'T lose points for missing a Habit Daily Goal
  • You DO lose Momentum for missing your Weekly Goal
  • Tip: Missing a Habit Daily Goal for one day does not automatically cause you to lose Momentum. You still have the opportunity to meet your Weekly Goal!

x2_icon2.png Gaining Momentum

  • If you meet or exceed your Weekly Goal in a week, you gain Momentum for that Habit and some bonus points.

  • Momentum acts as a multiplier to the points you are earning. It shows up on the Habit icon (e.g. x2 or x1).

  • Every Momentum multiplier doubles the points you earn when you complete a Habit.

  • The higher your Momentum multiplier, the more bonus points you earn.

  • Momentum maxes out at x6

No_momentum2.png Losing Momentum

  • If you fail to meet your Weekly Goal for a week, you will lose 1 point of Momentum for that Habit.
  • If you have a Weekly Goal of 6, but you only manage to meet your Habit Daily Goal twice that week, next week your Weekly Goal will be 2.

points.png Spending Points

  • Your first two Habit Slots are free, after that they cost you points to unlock.
  • The amount of points it costs for a new Habit Slot increases depending on how many you have already unlocked.
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